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Update – Mar 08, 2014 - June 03 Primary Election.


The San Benito County Department of Elections does hereby release the Unofficial List of Candidates for the June 03, 2014 Primary Election. Please note that the local county list shows the nomination periods extended for local offices only. See the list of local County Candidates.

Any state extensions will be available Monday, March 10th. If a state candidate shows a status of "not qualified", it does not mean the candidate did not qualify, but rather that the candidate might not yet be qualified by the state. The complete list of candidates are based on the most recent information and will be updated in the days to follow by the Secretary of State. See the unofficial list of all statewide candidates.

More information about local candidates (campaign spending disclosures) can be seen on our Campaign Docs website.

Update – Jan 02, 2014 New Office Hours effective Jan 02, 2014.
Nuevo horas de operacion effectivo 2 enero 2014.

Monday thru Friday/Lunes a Vernes

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Monday thru Friday/Lunes a Vernes
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Update 12/17/2013 – NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Statewide Direct Primary Election will be held in San Benito County on Tuesday, June 3,

2014. Candidates are to be nominated or elected at the Statewide Direct Primary Election. Read full text of the notice.

Actualizado 12/17/2013 – POR LA PRESENTE SE DA AVISO, que se celebrara la elección primaria estatal directa en el Condado de San Benito el martes,

03 de junio de 2014. Los candidatos deben ser designados o electos en la elección primaria. Lea el texto completo de la convocatoria.

The Official Canvass of the Vote

Immediately upon the close of polls on election day, the county elections officials and the Secretary of State begin what is called the "semifinal official canvass of the vote" - the tallying of early-returned vote-by-mails and the ballots cast in each of the state's 21,796 voting precincts. The semifinal official canvass begins at 8:00 p.m. on election night and continues uninterrupted until the last precinct is counted and reported to the Secretary of State. More here